Aeration Equipment For Wastewater Treatment Processes

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Metals and volatile organic compounds are oxidized during an aeration treatment process. Dissolved gases are eliminated through the use of an aerator. Consider the volume of water and the number of contaminants to guide you in choosing equipment that will effectively decontaminate water.

Aeration Units

Aeration units mix air and water molecules. This process prompts microbial growth, which is essential in speeding up the decomposition of sludge. Aeration efforts are conducted in cycles. Aeration is used as a means of conditioning water that will be released into the environment. Since plants and animals rely upon the wastewater that is treated, it is essential that water is treated thoroughly at a wastewater plant.

Aeration units include fine and coarse bubble diffusers and surface aerators. A manufacturer of aeration products may recommend the use of a specific type of aeration unit, based on the volume of water that is being treated and the types of solids that are present in the water. Bubble units are designed to be installed in a water tank that contains water that needs to be treated. A surface aeration unit is designed for shallow water tanks. This type of unit is designed to rapidly add a large number of oxygenated molecules to water.

Compliant Custom Units

You must understand the characteristics of the water that is collected and treated at your facility. An aeration equipment supplier may offer an advanced equipment design service. This type of service will involve testing water before it is treated and designing a unique aeration unit that will effectively treat water. The use of a custom unit that is compliant with local treatment regulations will ensure that you are not fined for illegal treatment processes.

Fats, oils, and grease are removed during the aeration treatment process. An engineer of aeration devices will take a look at the equipment that you are currently using. This person may be able to design a custom aeration device that can be added to your current setup or that can be used as a replacement for equipment that has failed in the past.

The upgrading of equipment will ensure that you can continue wastewater treatment applications uninterrupted. Some equipment suppliers offer rental wastewater aerators. A rental aerator is suited for business owners who treat inconsistent amounts of water. The aeration equipment that is purchased or rented should be professionally installed and maintained.

To learn more, contact a wastewater aerator equipment supplier in your area.


18 January 2023

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