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Every homeowner needs to get residential radon testing performed. It is something that will protect your family. Elevated levels of radon can cause cancer. There are other reasons to be concerned about this gas too. The following points represent a few things that everyone should know about this gas.


It is impossible to know if your home has elevated levels of radon without residential radon testing. This is because radon is a colorless, odorless gas. Its harmful effects are not as immediate as carbon monoxide. Radon exposure takes years for the ramifications to occur. At its highest levels, it is still not going to be detectable through the senses of taste, smell, or sight. This is why tests are needed. 

Health Consequences

Radon exposure can cause lung cancer. There are other ways to get lung cancer, but those are well-known. Some individuals are not aware of how deadly extended exposure to radon can be. Lung cancer from radon exposure can be just as severe as lung cancer from smoking or asbestos exposure. The difference is that smoking and asbestos are known to cause cancer and individuals can use their senses to ascertain them.


Radon is a naturally occurring gas. The purpose of testing is to detect the levels so that action can be taken to reduce the concentration in the indoor air. If elevated levels are detected, a radon mitigation plan will need to be implemented to exhaust the gas out of a home. There are several options for radon mitigation, and a residential radon testing company can help determine the appropriate solution to ensure safety. Tests that reveal the presence of high levels of radon are not something to be afraid of as long as mitigation is implemented. The goal of mitigation is to remove radon from homes.

Easy Testing

Radon testing is not complex. The residential radon testing company will set up the testing equipment in your home. It will need to remain in your home undisturbed for a certain amount of time. They retrieve the testing equipment after the appropriate time has passed. The test results will be provided to you after lab tests. 

A radon testing company is a good resource to use to understand the importance of getting routine radon testing performed. Even if you initially have low levels of radon, future tests need to get completed. The current levels may not remain the same. The professionals can advise you of the appropriate testing schedule. 


25 January 2021

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